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    Current Management Thinking:
    Drawing from Social Sciences and Humanities
    to Address Contemporary Challenges

    Management may be viewed as the art of collective action. As a relatively new field in the academic arena, it is a young science, still under construction, borrowing from Economics, Sociology, Psychology, History and many other long established fields. The Paris 2007 EURAM conference will aim at revisiting the complex and controversial relationships that Management has had with Social Sciences and Humanity. Researchers in management are invited to join us in Paris to reflect on the roots of Management, both as a scientific discipline and as a practice. In particular, Management's focus on organisational performance is one of the critical underpinnings that transform the discipline's borrowings from established social sciences into an autonomous field of academic investigation. This raises questions about the degree of subordination vs. emancipation of Management vis-à-vis the basic disciplines from which it draws. At stake in this discussion are the perspectives Management research can bring to such currently controversial topics as economic and corporate patriotism, the profitability of sustainable development, the fleeting or sustainable nature of competitive advantage, or the seemingly unstoppable trend toward globalisation and its consequences.

    Join us in Paris in 2007 to address the intellectual challenges of contemporary issues in management in a forum where management and social sciences will exchange their views.   

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